Slow Down Dance Videos

The Ultimate Mobile App For The Serious Dancer 
(iOS and Android)

Learning Dancing the smart way. Slow down dance videos and don’t miss any step anymore.

Have all your favorite and recommended dance moves in your mobile device. Record class material right after class and categorize it and add personal notes. Import any clips from Youtube or playlists from your friends.

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Slow Down Dance Videos

slow down dance videosEver felt that the dancing videos you are watching are too fast for you to learn from? With WhatStep you can slow down your dancing videos, frame by frame, step by step. It even allows you to loop over a particular part of the clip. This way you don’t have to search through the whole video.

Organize Your Dance Move Collection

WhatStep is a dance move library. You can add your own recorded videos, import from YouTube or receive playlists from friends or dancing schools. Each video can be assigned with your own personal notes, ratings and level. You can also assign tags to it (e.g. Lindy Hop, Aerials, Salsa, YourDancingSchool, AnythingYouLike …). Of course you can easily search your library with either a search word or with tags. Finding moves the easy way.

Share Your Moves and Recommendations

Sharing is caringOne of the central features is the sharing idea. Imagine you start a new dance and your friends sends you conveniently a good video collection for that particular style to get you started. Your dancing school might also provide you with their material, either class re-caps or other recommended dancing videos.

Any Dancing Styles

You can use WhatStep for any dancing styles like Salsa, Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Ballroom, Tango, Folk Dance, Line Dances and many more.

Be part of WhatStep

Any new features that would be handy to have? No problem. Drop me an email. This app is for you and you should have a say on what it should do and look like. I will collect those suggestions and try to coordinate them into future releases.


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